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Trade Finance

Global IME Bank Limited provides wide range of trade services covering import, export and Guarantees services. We have an experience team of trade staffs, who will work with you in a very personalized and professional manner, to ensure international trade transactions; proceed faster, easier and risk-free. Our team will not only process your request but also provide you import information useful to your business as well.

Consumer/ Personal Loan

Financing your personal and business needs

Global Small Business Loan

Global Small Business Loan also gives you the comfort of Insurance while fulfilling your business/financial need

SME Loan

Flexible financial solutions for business operation and expansion

Corporate Loan

Financing to help you maximize business growth

Infrastructure/Project & Consortium Loans

!! Financial Solution to your complex and large projects!!

Infrastructure/Project Loan

Global IME Bank finances to different types of infrastructure/project including “Green Field” projects. The bank has currently financed on different types of projects such as Hydro, Cement, Steel, Hotels and Housing. Expert and experienced relationship managers are involved in project assessment to look after financial and technical feasibility of the project. Under infrastructure/project loan, Global IME bank provides different credit facilities such as Term Loan, Working Capital, Letter of Credit, Bridge Gap Loan etc and the credit facilities are designed accordingly to match business requirement and cash flow of the project.

Consortium Loan

Global IME Bank provides consortium loans for large projects. The bank has currently managed different consortiums as a Lead Bank for hydro, steel and hotel projects. Further, the bank has also participated in different consortiums as a Member Bank for hydro, cement, hotel and pharmaceutical projects to mention a few.

Refer to Infrastructure/Project Financing and Consortium Department, Kamaladi Office or your nearest branches.

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