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Global IME Bank's Contribution in Reduction of Green House Gas Emission

June 30, 2024

Managing the growing solid waste is a significant challenge in many cities of Nepal. Only half of the waste is properly collected, while the other half is directly disposed to open areas and along the rivers. 


Approximately 1.8 million tons of solid waste is generated annually in Nepal. 

-Source: The World Bank, 2020

Waste generated annually is characterized as:


56% Organic Waste

16% Glass

13% Plastics 

8% Paper

7% Others

Source: The World Bank, 2020


Considering the need for waste management and awareness towards circular economy, Global IME Bank Limited has been collaborating with different waste management and recycling companies. 


Last year, the bank had collaborated with Doko Recyclers Pvt. Ltd. for paper / plastic waste management. The paper waste collected by Doko Recyclers was shredded, recycled, and subjected to resource recovery, which was then utilized as raw material for the paper industry. 


Doko Recyclers provided an impact certificate revealing that, within 11 months period (Baishakh – Falgun 2080), by recycling a total of 59,117 kg of paper waste, the bank has saved significant resources.


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