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Connect IPS

Effortless, real-time and cost-efficient payment.

connectIPS is a unified payment system that lets customers connect their bank account(s) to facilitate payment processing, money transfers, and bill payments. It is a service offered by Nepal Clearing House Ltd. and enables direct payment transactions between citizens and the government (C2G), customers and businesses (C2B), and individuals (P2P) using their bank accounts.


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Link Multiple banks
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Inter-bank fund transfer
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Lowest transaction fee
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No need for separate registration
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Fast, secure & trusted


connectIPS e-Payment System is developed and operated by Nepal Clearing House Limited (NCHL), which is licensed & regulated by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) as a payment system operator (PSO). NCHL is promoted by Nepal Rastra Bank and majority of the banks & financial institutions.
connectIPS is a platform that lets you link different bank accounts and pay faster through any of them. You don’t need to transfer money to or from mobile wallets.
You can pay up to NRs 20,00,000 via web and NRs 200,000 via app in one transaction. The same limits apply for daily transactions per bank. Your bank may have different limits based on their policy and NRB’s regulation.
To verify account, follow the mentioned procedures 1. Go to link bank account under Bank Account > Manage Account to link your account. 2. In pending bank accounts list, click on the pending bank account and go option of self-verify account. 3. Based on the input information and automated process for self-verification, an OTP will be sent to the verified mobile number and email address that is registered at the bank. 4. After the successful verification of OTP, the status of the linked account will change as ‘AUTOACCEPTAPPROVAL’. 5. The system will then generate two micro-deposit amounts that will be credited on the customer’s linked bank account. 6. The user will now have to check its account and input the two micro-deposit amounts. Once both micro-deposit amounts are verified, the linked account will be verified automatically and the status of the account will change as ‘ACCEPTED.’ 7. Now the linked bank account can be used for normal transaction up to the specified transaction limit.

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