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Global E-Com Card

International payments are simplified with the Global E-Com Visa card.

International payments are simplified with the Global E-Com Visa card. You can use the Global E-Commerce Card to pay for international services, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and other exam fees, shop on international e-commerce websites, and much more!


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It is 3D Secured and valid for worldwide transactions via E-commerce.
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Can be issued to individual/firm/company/institution.
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Instant non-personalized card, Virtual Card and Personalized Card will be issued and available over the counter of all branches of GIBL.
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Card issued under Visa brand in USD currency.
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Tenure of card Limit: One Year term on annual renewal basis.
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Limit: Up to USD 500 annually.

Documents required

  1. Signed application form and self-declaration application form.
  2. PAN Certificate Copy.
  3. GIBL Account.

Fee Structure

Sn.ParticularFee & Charges (NPR)
1Issuance FeeInstant : NPR 500, Personalized :NPR 600
2Replacement FeeNPR 250
3Top Up FeeNil
4Renewal FeeNPR 300


  • If lost/ stolen usage can be blocked immediately by informing the bank at cards@gibl.com.np.
  • Customer service facility is provided through Global Connect (Phone Number: 015970600)

Terms and Condition

I/ we hereby agree and accept to the following terms and conditions and provide my/ our self-declaration in regards to my/ our request for issuance of FCY prepaid card.

  1. I/ we shall only purchase the product/ service which are not prohibited/ restricted by the laws and regulations of Nepal Government via online platforms internationally.
  2. I/ we hereby declare that we have not availed this facility of International Prepaid card from any other “A” class & “B” class authorized bank.
  3. I/ we hereby fully agree to abide and comply with the prevailing money laundering act 2064 & other related prevailing laws of Nepal Government while using/ consuming any service from the use of this card.
  4. I/we hereby agree not to use this card on ATM & POS for the purpose of cash withdrawal & counter purchase.
  5. I/we hereby declare that this card shall not be used for any capital gain transactions, such as stock trading.
  6. I/ we hereby agree to provide receipt and invoice of the transactions made through this card, upon your request.

I/ we shall fully comply with all above states terms and conditions and we shall abide by the rules/ regulations under prevailing acts and laws of Nepal Government at all the times.


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