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This product is designed specially to meet the financial demand/requirement of the Nepalese residing/working outside Nepal, Global IME Bank introduces NRN Fixed Deposit Account to the individual and institutional customers with maximum benefits. The account can be opened through our online portal through video KYC.

Global NRN (Individual) FCY Fixed Deposit
Global NRN (Institutional) FCY Fixed Deposit
Note: Can be opened in USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, CNY, JPY & EUR. 
Customer can open NRN FCY or LCY Saving Account. 


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Hassle-free repatriation of principal and interest without any charge.
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Waiver on Card charges, Internet banking facility and mobile banking facility.
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Special concessions on conversion of FCY deposit into NPR, as per your need and convenience.
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Be privileged to carry Premium VISA international card with 24 hours services.
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As the account is opened in foreign currency, there is no exchange rate fluctuation risk.
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Can be opened online through video KYC


Yes, fund can be transferred or converted in NPR account as per customer's requirements.
5% tax on interest for individual customer and 15% tax for institutional customer is applicable.
Yes, these accounts can be opened as single or joint account.
Yes, s/he can.
Customers can visit the branch or subscribe to the bank's mobile banking and internet banking facility to view statement.
The products are for NRN (individual) and also for any company/firm promoted by NRN, located abroad.
Counter transaction (receipt/payment) is not allowed under this scheme. The transaction should be done only through banking channel.


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