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This exclusive savings product has been specifically designed to promote remittances made through the banking channel and foster a habit of regular saving among the foreign workers.

Global Remit Savings Account” is a dedicated savings product for both remitters (working abroad / planning to go abroad) along with beneficiaries (family member of remitters residing in Nepal) residing in home country and regular domestic remittance customers. This account provides an excellent return on their saving.


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Additional 1% premium in saving account.
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Can be opened online or through representative offices abroad.
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Free debit card for 1st year
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Free Mobile Banking for 1st year
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This scheme can be used by the customers for applying IPO who are eligible for 10% IPO quota.


Documents as defined by NRB is required, i.e. Shram Swikriti from Ministry of Labor and remittance inflow transaction of at least NPR 50,000 in the account during the last 6 months.

Click to open Global Remit Saving Account online.


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