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Loan against FD is a loan product offered by the Bank to existing Fixed Deposit account holders against the lien on FD amount. The customer may avail such loan through branch or through mobile banking. This loan may be provided in the form of a demand loan within the maturity period of the FD deal. This product helps the customer to experience the instant loan disbursement service available at their fingertips without any documentation.


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Instant loan disbursement and no physical documentation required.
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Up to 90% of earmarked FD amount or maximum of NPR one million, whichever is lower.
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Prepayment of loan shall also be allowed on request of the client through the digital channel.
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Facility type: Demand Loan

Tenure of Loan

The tenure of this loan shall be one-day prior to the maturity date of respective FD.

Fees and Charges

  • Interest Rate: Base rate or Coupon rate plus 2% or monthly published 1 year normal FD rate, whichever is higher.
  • Interest Payment Modality: Quarterly basis and/or on maturity.


Individual NPR FD holders (excluding minor and existing earmarked Fixed Deposits) who haven’t yet utilized the loan facility against their Fixed Deposit Account.

Download Global Smart+ to avail loan against fixed deposit.


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