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Soche Jastai Bank Khata: Your Path to Smart Saving and Higher Returns


Introducing "Soche Jastai Bank Khata" with features of both savings and term deposits. The product is essentially a smart savings scheme that offers the benefit of automatic fixed deposit creation. When the minimum deposit specified by you is reached, the excess amount will automatically be converted into a fixed deposit in multiples of lakhs. This means that not only will your savings grow, but they will also earn higher interest. Do not miss this chance to make your savings bigger. Open your account now and begin to enjoy the benefits.



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Customer can opt for minimum balance (NPR 10,000 & above) in the savings account. Excess amount in the multiple of NPR 100 K will be converted in fixed deposit.
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Default tenure of Fixed Deposit is 1 year, with option to choose other duration.
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Free Cheque Book on demand
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Free Visa Debit Card (upto 3 years*)
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Free Mobile Banking/Internet Banking Services (up to 3 years*)
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50% waiver on Locker service for 1st year
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Fixed Deposit rate will be prevailing published rate

Additional Information

  • Loan Against Fixed Deposit easily available.
  • Loan against Fixed Deposit up to 90% of Fixed Deposit amount.
  • Interest rate on Loan Against Fixed Deposit is plus 2% over coupon rate or base rate whichever is higher.


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